Partnership News: We Are Founders are Partnering with Raise Ventures

We Are Founders is partnering with Raise Ventures, and we couldn't be happier!


Chris Kernaghan

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When we started We Are Founders, our vision extended beyond simply creating a platform for UK-based founders to share their stories with peers.

We aimed to foster a sense of moral support and community for those in need. One of the ways we wanted to achieve this was through meaningful partnerships with accelerators and likeminded businesses that share our community support vision.

Today, we are delighted to share news of our partnership with Raise Ventures, an organisation that shares our commitment to nurturing community and offering support for startups within the UK and Ireland.

"We believe that the strength of a startup ecosystem lies in the connectedness of its founders. That's why it's a no brainer for us to partner with We Are Founders. Through our relationship, we want to create more meaningful connections between founders that lead to success, help more founders find their tribe, and make sure that no founder goes it alone on their startup journey." Eva-Jayne from Raise Ventures

Who Are Raise Ventures?

Raise are a commercial startup accelerator providing support to early-stage companies in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the UK. Their focus is on nurturing highly promising, disruptive, and scalable ideas to transform them into global enterprises through their accelerator program.

This initiative was established by founders, for founders.

Their mission centres on constructing a self-sustaining startup ecosystem that fosters the long-term success and prosperity of entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland and beyond.

In addition to their commitment to early-stage companies, they also play a pivotal role in Belfast's entrepreneurial landscape by hosting and facilitating events that bring together budding entrepreneurs, seasoned founders, and industry experts.

These events serve as vibrant forums where knowledge is exchanged, networks are forged, and the seeds of future collaborations are sown, such as the upcoming Deep Drive: Corporate & Startup Partnerships event, which aims to explore how startup solutions can solve problems with large organisations to create shared value.

Deep Dive: Corporate & Startup Partnerships

Within the heart of Belfast, they have established an entrepreneurial hub, complete with co-working spaces and meeting facilities. Through a series of events designed to inspire, educate, and facilitate connections, they empower their community of founders to achieve their goals.

Their commitment to being founder-friendly is unwavering, as they accompany entrepreneurs on their entrepreneurial journey as trusted companions.

What's Next for We Are Founders?

With the support of Raise Ventures and their vibrant community of founders, we're excited to embark on a new chapter.

Our mission remains steadfast: to continue sharing inspirational founder stories and fostering a sense of belonging and support among entrepreneurs.

As we move forward, we are dedicated to expanding our platform by providing valuable resources to empower founders on their journey. Together with Raise Ventures, we aim to create a stronger, more interconnected entrepreneurial community that will undoubtedly shape the future of startups in the UK and Ireland.

We are grateful for the unwavering commitment of our founders, whose stories and insights continue to fuel the success of We Are Founders.

To find out more about Raise Ventures, you can visit their website at

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An image of the Raise crew, enjoying their successes
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