Fool's Gold: Could No-Code Lead Your Startup Astray?

Using design tools like Figma allows you to quickly create and validate prototypes before investing time and resources into building with no-code platforms


Mia Jones

A screenshot of the no-code platform, Bubble

This isn't a hit piece on no-code platforms. Far from it actually.

I would even go so far as to say that I'm an advocate of no-code and the lowering of barriers to folks that want to get their hands dirty-ish and build something. That's what no-code is all about, right?

I think that's a genuinely wonderful thing. But I'm also cautiously realistic when it comes to what no-code can do, and more importantly, the best time it can do those things.

So yes, these tools are pretty darn cool, and they've definitely made waves in the world of app development. But before you dive head-first into the no-code pool, let's take a step back and consider a potentially better option for your minimum viable product (MVP) — good ol' prototypes.

Specifically, Figma prototypes.

Figma Is The Answer (To Your Problems)

I know, I know, prototyping doesn't sound nearly as sexy as firing up a no-code platform and cranking out a full-fledged app in a matter of days (or so they claim).

But I've witnessed multiple rumblings online from folks saying they have a great idea, and want to get started on it right away. And while I admire their tenacity to get it done, I'm certain 95% of those ideas will come to nothing — no-code or not.

Why? Because one persons startup treasure is another persons startup junk.

Imagine spending the time (and money) putting together something in no-code, only to discover your idea is relegated to a pile labelled "Ideas that other founders thought were great."

The simplest solution is the best one, especially when you're strapped for cash and resources. Build a clickable prototype in Figma, and get it in front of people.

Guerrilla MVP

Figma is a pretty flexible tool.

If you want to create pixel-perfect designs, you can. Want to add interactivity as well? You got it.

Maybe you want to collaborate with a team to show off all your work? Yup, this is possible too all for a fraction of the cost (or even free, depending on your needs). Plus, the learning curve is relatively gentle, especially if you've got some design chops or a keen eye for aesthetics. Importantly though, it's lightning fast.

Dragging and dropping shapes on a canvas, either made from scratch or from a pre-designed library, is infinitely faster than any no-code tool.

You can go from a rough sketch to a polished, interactive mock-up in no time, allowing you to quickly validate your idea, gather feedback, and make adjustments on the fly. And let's be real, at the MVP stage, that's often all you need – a convincing prototype to show off to potential investors, customers, or partners.

If you can convey the idea using Figma, you're winning. You're now in a position to iterate and test.

Congratulations, you've just validated your assumptions and there is indeed a market for your app. How exciting!

And it was all before during the ideation stage you decided to go slow, to go fast.

Final Thoughts

Once you've nailed down your concept and you're ready to scale, no-code can be an incredibly powerful tool to streamline development and bring your app to life. This is absolutely the point to start using these tools.

The bottom-line is this: Don't let the allure of no-code platforms blind you to simpler, more accessible solutions like Figma prototyping. Keep an open mind, experiment, and always remember: sometimes, the path of least resistance is the smartest way to go.

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A screenshot of the no-code platform, Bubble
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