Exploring Growth-Stage Startups: Unleash the Power of Building in Public

Forge success by embracing transparency, trust, and feedback in your entrepreneurial journey. Build openly, listen, and grow!


Kellie O'Hara

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Let's talk about "Building in Public"!

Building in public is a practice where startup owners share the behind-the-scenes process of developing their business openly and transparently.

It involves sharing updates, challenges, successes, and the overall journey of building a startup with the public, often through social media, blogs, or other platforms.

The idea is to create a connection with your audience, build trust, and showcase the authenticity of your entrepreneurial journey. It's like letting people in on the adventure of building your startup from the ground up.

In a nutshell, It's the difference between "show" and "tell". I use the "show" method when screening candidates when hiring, but that's another post for another day.

"Transparency isn't just about open communication; it's the cornerstone of trust in business. The more transparent you are, the stronger the foundation of trust you build." - Sarah Thompson

I believe that as a startup you have a distinct advantage when you build in public. Read that again... You might be thinking that building in public isn't for you, but why?

Here are some tips on why building in public can be a game-changer:

Trust Building

When you share your journey, challenges, and victories, you're inviting your audience into your world. This transparency builds trust and shows authenticity. Just look at Buffer and Groove!

They've thrived by openly sharing their struggles and milestones, creating a community around their missions.

Feedback Goldmine

By opening up about your progress, you're creating a direct line to your users. Their feedback becomes invaluable. Product Hunt is a prime example. They've built a platform around community feedback, allowing them to fine-tune their product based on real user insights.

Careful though, while feedback is imperative to success, your user(s) might NOT feature on Product Hunt.

Network Magic

Building in public opens doors to unexpected opportunities. Potential collaborators, partners, and even investors may find you through your updates. Think about and their journey.

Their open approach attracted partnerships with major players like Google and Microsoft, propelling them to new heights!

"Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come." -- Diane Helbig

Brand Amplification

Your startup's story deserves to be heard! By sharing it openly, you're creating a buzz around your brand. Basecamp is a great example. They've made their company's journey a central part of their brand, and it's resonated with users worldwide.

Stand out, and let your unique voice shine!

Investor Allure

Investors love to see progress.

When you build in public, you're showcasing your dedication and the milestones you're hitting. THEY seek YOU out instead of the other way around!Look at  they gained early traction by sharing their growth stats, which ultimately attracted crucial early-stage investors.

It's a powerful magnet for smart money!

HIGHLIGHTING a startup founder doing a SUPERFANTASTICAL job of building in public right now!

Here's a great example of someone that builds in public: Introducing Serkan Ferah - you should definitely follow his journey and model (not copy lol) his execution. I LOVE seeing his content! He is also an awesome person, not just an awesome startup!

Remember that transparency, trust, and feedback are the cornerstones of a successful venture. Building in public fosters a connection with your audience, while transparency and trust form the bedrock of lasting relationships.

Don't shy away from feedback; instead, embrace it as a powerful tool for growth and innovation. Whether you're just starting or navigating the complexities of a growth-stage startup, weaving these principles into your business fabric will not only define your success but also make your entrepreneurial journey more enriching.

Here's to your journey of building something extraordinary!

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A rocket, powering itself into space
Kellie O'Hara

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