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Why Customer Success is a Hidden Gem for Exceptional Startup Growth

Discover the often-overlooked power of Customer Success in fueling exceptional growth for startups


Jessica Hamilton

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When it comes to growing a startup, many of us tend to focus on the usual suspects like email marketing, paid ads, and content creation. All good in their own way, but there's a secret weapon in our growth arsenal that often goes unnoticed: Customer Success (CS).

In my humble opinion, it's one of the most underrated channels for startup growth, and here's why.

Word of Mouth: Make It Exceptional

Customers talk when something is exceptionally good or terribly bad, but they rarely mention an okay experience. So, make sure your CS is outstanding, at least 10 times better than what they're used to. How?

1. Personalised Engagement: Strive to offer a highly personalised experience. Understand your customers' unique needs and preferences. Use data and insights to tailor your interactions, addressing their specific pain points and goals. When customers feel like you truly understand and care about them, they're more likely to become advocates.

2. Proactive Communication: Don't wait for customers to reach out with issues or questions. Initiate proactive communication by offering valuable insights, tips, and resources. Regularly update them on new features or improvements that align with their needs. This not only demonstrates your commitment but also keeps your brand top of mind.

3. Swift Issue Resolution: When issues do arise, respond promptly and effectively. Prioritise quick issue resolution, showing customers that you value their time and satisfaction. A positive experience in problem-solving can turn a potentially negative situation into an opportunity for them to share their positive experience with others.

"A tailored, niche product allows for a deeper understanding of our users; specific challenges and needs—something that a broader tool wouldn't necessarily provide."
Jordan J. Mugenyi, Founder of MyndMap

The Wizard of Oz Approach: Don't Rush Features

Instead of building new features right away, consider doing some things manually behind the scenes. It's a win-win situation. You can ensure that customers get what they need, even if it's a custom request, and then you can automate as you see the demand.

1. Strategic Manual Operations: Opting for manual processes before investing in full automation is a strategic move that offers several advantages. It allows you to establish the foundations of a feature or service based on real customer needs and feedback. By initially managing tasks manually, you can fine-tune and perfect the user experience. This hands-on approach helps in designing a user-friendly and efficient process that aligns precisely with what your customers require.

2. Customisation and Personalisation: Doing things manually enables you to cater to custom requests and individual customer preferences. This level of personalisation can be a key differentiator for your startup. By addressing unique needs on an individual basis, you can create exceptional customer experiences. These custom solutions can be refined and optimised based on customer feedback before being automated. This approach ensures that your automation efforts are aligned with the most valuable and requested features.

3. Cost-Effective Scalability: Manual processes can be more cost-effective in the initial stages of a startup. As you gradually automate tasks based on real demand, you avoid investing resources in features or services that might not be as critical as initially thought. This incremental approach to automation allows you to scale efficiently without overextending your resources.

Referral Loops: Get Noticed on Review Sites

Review sites like G2, Capterra, and HubSpot Marketplace are crucial in a world driven by reviews and transparency. Being where people seek transparent input and comparisons can be a game-changer for your startup.

Review sites provide an invaluable source of real-time feedback, enabling you to adapt and enhance your offerings based on user experiences...

Where consumer trust and informed decision-making are paramount, review sites such as G2, Capterra, and HubSpot Marketplace play a pivotal role. They serve as trusted platforms where potential customers seek transparent input and unbiased comparisons. For startups, having a strong presence on these platforms is a game-changer.

Positive reviews and testimonials on these sites act as compelling endorsements, building credibility and trust in your brand. They validate the quality and value of your products or services in the eyes of potential customers.

Review sites provide an invaluable source of real-time feedback, enabling you to adapt and enhance your offerings based on user experiences, thereby staying competitive and relevant in a rapidly evolving market. Embracing these platforms can significantly impact your startup's visibility and reputation, ultimately driving growth and success.

Build Customer Cases: Let Others Sing Your Praises

Claiming you have the best product doesn't mean much, but when industry leaders and influencers start singing your praises, that's a different story. Share customer cases and stories that your ideal customer profile relates to, and suddenly, your solution becomes the obvious choice.

While it's natural for businesses to claim they have the best product, such proclamations may not hold much weight with discerning consumers. What truly sets your startup apart is when industry leaders and influencers endorse your offering. When these trusted figures start singing your praises, it elevates your credibility and perceived value in the eyes of your target audience.

Sharing customer cases and stories that resonate with your ideal customer profile is a powerful strategy. These real-life success stories provide tangible evidence of the benefits your product or service offers. They offer a relatable narrative that potential customers can connect with, making your solution the obvious choice in their decision-making process.

Quick Feedback Loops: Listen to Your Customers

Some of the best ideas come from your customers. Staying connected to your customer community allows you to create a top-notch product, tailor your approach to your ideal customer profile, make fast decisions, and continually enhance your offering.

Staying engaged with your customers allows you to make fast, informed decisions. You can react swiftly to changing market dynamics and emerging trends.

Firstly, it empowers you to create a top-notch product. By actively listening to your customers' feedback and needs, you can fine-tune your offerings to meet their expectations precisely. This alignment can make your product or service exceptionally valuable to your customer base.

Secondly, maintaining this connection allows you to tailor your approach to your ideal customer profile. It means you can craft marketing strategies, customer support, and product development with the specific needs and preferences of your target audience in mind.

Staying engaged with your customers allows you to make fast, informed decisions. You can react swiftly to changing market dynamics and emerging trends. By continuously gathering feedback, you ensure that your decisions are rooted in real-world data, reducing guesswork and enhancing your startup's agility.

"Communicate with your users as much as possible and be honest with them. If you have a product/service that people want and are willing to pay for, don't let other people put you off."
Caoimhe Donnelly from Legitimate.

This commitment to your customer community enables you to continually enhance your offering. It ensures that you evolve in tandem with your customers' evolving expectations, maintaining relevance and delivering sustained value.

What's your take on the Customer Success function in your startup? How have you used it to fuel growth? Feel free to drop We Are Founders a message and let us know!

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A woman sits with her hand across her face, stressed out
Jessica Hamilton

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