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Chris Kernaghan

A young woman, with short hair and an orange top, applying to We Are Founders

Hello, It's Good to Have You Here

I'm Chris, owner of We Are Founders.

As a designer, I've had the wonderful opportunity of meeting people from all around the world. I think in order to be a really good designer, you need to be a really good listener and so I'd happily listen to anyone's story - including their struggles, challenges and successes.

I'm curious about what makes people tick, and it's this curiosity that led to me wanting to launch We Are Founders. I'm not alone and know that my curiosity is shared, especially among the startup community.

Whether someone is thinking of becoming a founder, already are or have been for a long time - there's a good chance they'll happily share and engage with the experiences of others, regardless of where they're at in their founder journey.

We Are Founders launched on August 1st, 2023. It's still very much a baby, but we're getting at least 2 applications a day to feature on the site.

This is absolutely amazing, far surpassing our expectations, and it swells my heart with so much glee that folks want to share their stories. Given how quickly the website is growing, I thought it might be a good idea to offer some submission advice.

The reason for which is two-fold: You'll have a better idea of the kind quality we're after, as well as cutting down admin on our side. This means we can publish your journey faster.

Your Whole Story Matters

So, with that said, here's what you can do to make your journey shine:

Embrace the Full Arc: Every story should be a complete journey. Ensure your submission has a clear beginning that sets the stage, a compelling middle that details the challenges and growth, and a satisfying end that wraps up your journey's outcome. A well-rounded narrative keeps our readers engaged and inspired

Quality over Quantity: While we value authenticity, aim for a polished presentation. Craft your story with care, paying attention to grammar, spelling, and overall readability. A well-written piece enhances your message and resonates with our audience, making your story stand out

Honesty and Vulnerability: We cherish genuine experiences. Don't shy away from sharing your struggles and setbacks. Authenticity in sharing both failures and triumphs makes your journey relatable and offers valuable insights to aspiring founders

Reflect and Inspire: Conclude your story with reflections on your journey's lessons, growth, and future aspirations. What wisdom have you gained that others can benefit from? Your insights could ignite motivation and provide actionable takeaways for fellow founders on their own paths.

Sound good?

Start your submission using this simple TypeForm.

About The Author

A young woman, with short hair and an orange top, applying to We Are Founders
Chris Kernaghan

By day, Chris works as a UX Designer, crafting easy-to-use interfaces and ensuring companies focus on what users need. At night, he runs We Are Founders, a platform where founders share inspirational journeys.


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