Thomas's Founding Journey: From Distance to Connection with Lovedove

Founder Thomas created Lovedove to help long-distance couples connect through virtual dating experiences

Thomas, the founder of Lovedove, traces his inspiration back to a personal struggle that many can relate to: the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship (LDR). 

"I was in a long-distance relationship for two years and all that I can say is that... it sucked," he shares candidly. He paints a vivid picture of the difficulties he faced – from juggling schedules to the lack of shared experiences – and the profound impact it had on his communication with his significant other. 

"Planning an activity to do over Facetime was so much work," he reflects, "and I often wouldn't feel that spark when we would call each other."

From trivia to escape rooms, there's a wide variety of experiences available for couples looking to add some long-distance fun to their relationship.

Bridging the Gap: Lovedove's Mission

But amidst these struggles, Thomas found a spark of his own – an idea that would change the way couples connect over distances. "What if we could go on dates over Facetime?" he pondered. "What would that look like?" 

And in true “solve your own problems” fashion, Lovedove was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between distant hearts, offering a solution to the challenges Thomas himself faced.

Thomas emphasises the staggering numbers behind long-distance relationships. "14 million U.S. couples identify as long-distance," he reveals, shedding light on the vast potential audience for Lovedove.

There's plenty of choice for everyone.

His target demographic is clear: primarily college students, who make up a significant portion of LDRs. 

And while initial users have come through word of mouth, Thomas envisions a future where Lovedove reaches even greater heights through strategic marketing efforts, including college ambassadors and influencer partnerships.

Navigating Challenges: A Founder's Journey with Lovedove

As a solo founder, Thomas goes on to acknowledge the hurdles he's faced, particularly in finding the right co-founder to complement his skills. "The biggest challenge has been finding a co-founder with the right skill set," he admits. 

But through perseverance and strategic networking, he's made progress, leveraging connections in the venture capital world to find potential partners who share his vision for Lovedove. Platforms like Y Combinator's co-founder matching and networking within industry circles have been instrumental in this search.

In terms of funding, Thomas opts for a bootstrapping approach, citing the low overhead costs of his tech-driven venture. While a friends and family round is on the horizon to cover initial expenses, he's confident in Lovedove's ability to thrive without a significant cash injection.

Providing meaningful online experiences has the potential to nurture long distance relationships.

Looking ahead, Thomas has clear goals for Lovedove's growth. In the short term, he aims to expand the user base, monetise the platform, and demonstrate sustainable growth. But beyond that, his vision extends to revolutionising the video calling space, envisioning Lovedove as a platform for interactive experiences that transcend distance barriers. 

"We want to help people around the world connect," he asserts, "and there seems to be a lack of innovation in the video calling space." With determination and a touch of entrepreneurial spirit, Thomas is poised to make his vision a reality, one virtual date at a time.

You can find out more about Lovedove by visiting

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