The Mindful Revolution: How Daniela’s ‘jornee’ is Paving the Path to Emotional Wellness

Tech founder's new app jornee, launching September 2024, helps people reconnect with themselves through journaling, and addressing mental health issues

As social media and cultural shifts bring mental health into the spotlight, Daniela saw an opportunity. Her new app, jornee, expected to launch in September 2024, aims to tackle a critical issue: our chronic disconnection from ourselves.

"Growing up in Brazil and now working in the UK tech scene as a User Experience Designer and Researcher, I've seen firsthand the transformative power of technology. But more importantly, my journey of nearly two decades in self-exploration through Yoga, Vedanta, and various other practices has shaped my understanding of mental and emotional health," Daniela shares.

Her personal and professional background uniquely positions her to bridge the gap between technology and emotional wellness. "When I was in the heart of my mental wellness awakening, no one talked about it. Now, there's a new openness, but most tech solutions focus on short-term distractions rather than addressing the root cause: our disconnection from self," she explains.

With jornee, Daniela aims to change this narrative.

"Our busy lifestyles and societal pressures often force us to repress our emotional needs, leading to unfulfillment, loneliness, and chronic mental health issues. I'm tired of seeing people struggle with this."

Daniela's solution is as profound as it is simple. 

"To feel calm, happy, and free, we must first cultivate emotional safety by allowing all parts of ourselves to exist—fear, shame, anger, and insecurities included. These emotions carry messages from our unmet needs, and they need to be heard."

Target Users: The Self-Aware Seekers

jornee targets individuals grappling with mild to moderate mental health issues who are already engaging in personal growth practices like therapy and mindfulness. "My users are self-aware and open to exploring their inner world. They use reading and writing as tools for self-reflection, making them ideal candidates for jornee’s offerings."

Reaching these individuals requires a strategic approach. Daniela plans to leverage niche social media, targeted articles, and participation in relevant events to connect with her audience where they are most engaged.

Every startup faces difficulties alongside opportunities, and jornee is no different.

"The biggest obstacles have been lack of time and funds," Daniela admits. Balancing a full-time job with her side project, she has had to be resourceful. "I've onboarded volunteers and hired contractors from abroad to cut costs, ensuring that every penny is used wisely."

At this stage, jornee is self-funded. "I'm bootstrapping to prove traction and revenue before seeking investment," Daniela says. This approach allows her to maintain control and validate her concept through real-world user feedback.

Goals and the Road Ahead

Daniela’s immediate goal is to launch the jornee app MVP and gather user feedback for continuous improvement.

Long-term, she envisions jornee leading a movement that uses technology to deepen our humanity. "I want jornee to be a big player in the emotional wellness tech industry," she declares.

Her strategy is straightforward: "Make something, test it with users, learn from it, and improve. This iterative process is at the heart of my approach."

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of mental health, Daniela's jornee stands out by addressing the root cause of our emotional struggles. By combining her extensive background in design and personal growth, she is creating a platform that not only alleviates symptoms but fosters genuine emotional connection and safety. 

As jornee grows, it promises to be a beacon for those seeking to reconnect with their true selves in an ever-disconnected world.

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