Nithursan M: The Inspiring Story Behind MoAIJobs, An AI Job Board Built in 2 Hours

Can a 2-hour challenge spawn a thriving AI job board that overcomes obstacles through innovative strategies?

The 2-Hour Challenge That Sparked It All

"MoAIJobs actually started as a fun 2-hour challenge on Twitter. On December 29, 2023, I found SEO potential for AI jobs search. So, I challenged myself publicly on Twitter to build and launch a product in 2 hours. I shared my idea for the product as well - a job board for AI niche."

These are the words of Nithur, the founder of MoAIJobs, a job board for AI jobs, as he recounts the humble beginnings of his now-thriving AI job board. Sometimes the best work is done under the constraints of time.

With his prior experience in building successful job boards, Nithur knew the technical ins and outs, which allowed him to create a fully functional platform within a self-imposed 2-hour time limit.

A 2-hour time limit? How is it possible to get anything done in that amount of time?

Well, the pressure of the ticking clock sharpened his focus and decision-making, forcing him to prioritise essential features and streamline the development process. A challenge like this highlights how time constraints can push us to deliver efficient and effective solutions, often exceeding our own expectations.

Gaining Initial Traction and Embracing SEO

"The project quickly got some traction on Twitter. Robert Scoble (AI influencer with 500k followers) shared MoAIJobs on his Twitter account. And then multiple newsletters including Ben's Bites featured MoAIJobs on their issues," Nithur explains.

This early virality helped amass a significant amount of traffic right from the start.

Leveraging his network and standing on the shoulders of giants, Nithur tapped into the expertise and influence of seasoned professionals who shared his vision. Their endorsements and insights not only accelerated the platform’s growth but also ensured it resonated with a wider audience.

This collaborative approach underscored the importance of community and mentorship in achieving rapid success.

Recognising the potential for growth in the AI job market, Nithur made SEO his top priority. He developed viral tools like "Will AI Replace Me?" and "AI Job Application Reviewer" to gain backlinks and drive traffic. His efforts paid off, with even Product Hunt sharing the "Will AI Replace Me?" tool on their Twitter account.

The Path to Monetisation: Cold Outreach and Personalised Approach

While the initial traction was promising, it took Nithur just over a month to make his first dollar from MoAIJobs.

"I saw a founder tweeting about a position for AI software engineer at his company. So, I reached out to him to help him find more candidates for this position. He agreed and connected me with their recruiter to help with the job listing. That went really smooth. They really liked using my site. And they became a repeat customer of mine."

Nithur's primary strategy for monetisation has been cold outreach to employers, offering to help them find suitable candidates. However, he avoids bulk automated email sending tools, preferring a curated, personalised approach. "I curate all the leads carefully by myself and handwrite all the emails. I actually like it and I hate AI written automated emails."

While personalised outreach is often slower, it forms the foundation for a proper business relationship.

Taking the time to get to know each client's unique needs and preferences builds trust and shows you really care. This personal touch not only boosts satisfaction but also creates lasting connections, leading to stronger loyalty and more meaningful collaborations.

Embracing the Long Game: Challenges and Excitement for the Future

"Job board is a hard business. I have known it from my experience and also from others' experiences," Nithur acknowledges. Despite the challenges, he remains undeterred, driven by the compelling SEO potential and the opportunity to help people land AI-related opportunities.

His primary challenge lies in gaining backlinks from trustworthy sites to improve search engine presence. Nithur is bootstrapping MoAIJobs, currently operating with a 100% profit margin and zero expenses.

Looking ahead, he expresses excitement about taking MoAIJobs further and helping more people secure opportunities in the AI field. "I am really excited to take it further and help more people land opportunities in AI. Thank you."

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