Tech and Trrue Grit: Alison's Resilient Journey Beyond Corporate Life

Alison's journey, from corporate consulting to Trrue's impact-driven tech realm, embodies resilience, passion, and unwavering belief.

Meet Alison – the brains behind iDunn Consulting and a key player as co-founder at Trrue.

At iDunn, she's your growth ally, helping businesses identify opportunities, map out practical strategies, and streamline internal processes for smarter work. She takes the complex, and strips it down to actionable, fundamentals.

At Trrue, she's on a mission to create a buzzing community for entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses interested in making an impact on environmental, social, and governance fronts.

No jargon, just real-world solutions for business growth and meaningful progress.

The Accidental Co-Founder

Embarking on an unconventional journey, Alison transitioned from the confines of corporate life to support SME success through consulting.

As she puts it, "Knowing the corporate life wasn't for me, I founded my own consulting business to be there for SME founders for the long term."

This inadvertent shift led to the co-founding of a cyber security SAAS platform.

Alison reflects on this phase, saying, "I fell into the startup world through this and became an accidental co-founder." The journey was marked by pivotal moments like securing funding and achieving an early exit, shaping Alison's perspective on the startup landscape.

Driven by an unwavering passion for impact, sustainability, and technology, Alison assumed another co-founder role, this time, co-founding Trrue. In her words, "I am driven by projects that give joy and passion."

This passion became the driving force behind entrepreneurial pursuits.

Alison's journey in the entrepreneurial world wasn't a smooth sail. She faced challenges head-on – from bias and overcoming small-thinking mentalities to navigating recognition hurdles.

It wasn't a walk in the park, but she tackled each obstacle, proving that resilience and determination can beat the odds.

Her path wasn't just about success; it was about breaking barriers and proving that even in the face of challenges, real progress is possible.

"You need to talk to people—even if you came to the idea through experience"

Alison emphasises the importance of individuality and uniqueness, stating, "Recognition of experience was crucial."

In different situations, like at work or in personal growth, it's crucial that others recognize your skills and knowledge. Being acknowledged for what you bring to the table is a big deal – it shows that your experience is valued and important.

In Alison's current startup venture, Trrue, she engaged in extensive conversations with startups and investors, playing a pivotal role in testing the value proposition.

She stresses the significance of market testing, advocating for diverse data points beyond personal experiences.

"You need to talk to people—even if you came to the idea through experience, that's a single data point," Alison remarks.

Innovation, Values, and Resilience

Balancing the desire for tech innovation with actual needs, overcoming funding challenges, and fostering harmonious team dynamics were hurdles tackled with effective communication, trust-building, and organisational alignment.

Alison underscored the importance of business and personal values, creating a handbook and setting boundaries for a conducive work environment.

Doubts about building a community with shared beliefs loomed large, but the ongoing effort to transform discussions into action persisted.

"Just keep ploughing forward, believe in the product."

Scaling considerations involved both tech stability and operational alignment, with market testing preceding full-scale investment. Alison highlights a token sale to self-fund as a potential game-changer, saying, "If we can pull it off, then it will be a game changer."

For aspiring founders, Alison's advice echoes a call to embrace challenges, prepared for income uncertainties and the possibility of failure.

She emphasises the significance of belief in the product and persistence during challenging times, saying, "Just keep ploughing forward, believe in the product."

In the realm of mentorship, Alison refrains from the traditional term, opting instead for an approach of surrounding oneself with diverse knowledge, constant questioning, reading, and seeking suggestions as integral to the learning process.

In summary, Alison's narrative weaves a tale of resilience, adaptability, and a fervent passion for impactful, tech-driven ventures, leaving an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape.

You can learn more about Alison by visiting iDunn Consulting or Trrue.

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