Navigating Waves of Creativity: Matthew Pye's 3rds Adventure

"Clients would literally say 'I've been looking for something like this for years!'"

Matthew is no stranger to the ebbs and flows of creativity.

With over a decade immersed in the vibrant world of motion design, his passion burns brightly, fuelled by encounters with extraordinary talents and collaborations on awe-inspiring projects.

But he noticed a problem with the traditional way of working with clients. It wasn't streamlined enough. There were improvements to be made, and Matthew seized the opportunity.

“I saw an opportunity to streamline the way clients and motion designers interact and created 3rds as a modern solution to the problem,” he elaborates.

This initiative has made it easier for clients and motion designers to work together, while also creating a more energetic and inventive atmosphere for everyone involved.

Capital One, Coinbase, and MyFitnessPal are just some of the clients that use the 3rds platform, but how did Matthew manage to find success?

User Experience and Target Market

In the early stages of his journey, Matthew faced the challenge of crafting a user-friendly experience for 3rds. "Finding your community is so important," he reflects. "The real challenge was building an end-user experience that feels simple and self-explanatory."

Identifying the target market for 3rds was crucial. Matthew recalls, "I noticed in my experience at Agencies that there was so much wasted time and too much creative onus was put onto the client."

He knew there was a demand for a solution to these pain points and was confident that 3rds would resonate with customers. "Clients would literally say 'I've been looking for something like this for years!'", he adds.

User experience is crucial for startups, as it can be a defining factor in their success.

3rds promotional video, detailing exactly what you'll get as a client. Source: 3rds

In fact, a growing number of businesses recognise the value of UX with 74% of founders saying that user experience is vital for increasing sales. This highlights the widespread acknowledgment among founders of the importance of investing time and resources into UX to drive their company’s growth and success.

Drawing from his experience and network, Matthew worked tirelessly to ensure that the platform met the needs of both clients and production artists.

Building the business came with its own set of obstacles, particularly in backend development and payment processing. However, Matthew navigated through these hurdles with thorough research and a commitment to finding efficient solutions.

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Sometimes it's important to take a step back and assess the situation as a founder. A lay of the land, if you will. What's working and what's not working? If something's not working, is there an opportunity to pivot?

Doubt often accompanies the journey of a founder, so embracing these moments as chances for reflection can offer solace and clarity, and this is exactly what Matthew did.

Reflecting on a specific moment, he shares, "There was a moment at the beginning where our sales approach was to use cold emailing campaigns. The results were pretty abysmal."

"At the beginning, there was scepticism about if we could deliver quality work at the price point. But that was a worry that was quickly resolved and then word of mouth took over."

This presented itself as an opportunity to pivot, and try something else. Recognising the need for a more personalised approach, he shifted strategies and engaged his network, which proved to be a turning point for 3rds.

For startup founders, networking is not just a means to an end; it’s a vital part of growing a business. It’s through these connections that founders can gain invaluable insights, secure resources, and find the support they need to navigate challenges.

As 3rds grew, scaling and expansion then became priorities. Matthew notes, "Scaling for 3rds has been rather simple. I think we're just lucky that our business is inherently scalable."

Inspiring small business owners to take the leap with help from Capital One.

Despite initial scepticism, 3rds gained trust and credibility through consistent delivery of quality work.

"At the beginning, there was scepticism about if we could deliver quality work at the price point," Matthew acknowledges. "But that was a worry that was quickly resolved and then word of mouth took over."

Looking back, Matthew recognises the significance of the decision to start 3rds. "In all honesty, simply to start," he says. "Taking that leap of faith was the real turning point."


Matthew's journey with 3rds echoes the stories shared by other founders on We Are Founders, emphasising the importance of perseverance and positivity in the entrepreneurial world. It's about staying upbeat and finding ways to make a difference.

As he wisely advises, "Be persistent and optimistic. Find a way to add value to someone else, and you'll find success."

Matthew has worked with crypto company Coinbase too. Source: 3rds

Mentorship has played a significant role in Matthew's journey. "I've had many mentors and feel so lucky to have had/have them in my life," he shares.

"Mentors often serve as living proof of concept for the merits of hard work, persistence, and being a good person."

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