GameClass: How Skyler is Revolutionising Education Through Video Games

GameClass turns popular video games into educational tools, making learning fun and engaging for students and teachers

Imagine if learning was actually fun and didn't feel like a chore. 

Think video games, but designed to teach you valuable skills on the sly. We all know from personal experience that when education feels like playtime, we’re way more into it. It taps into that natural drive we all have to enjoy ourselves.

The magic happens when stuff like problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork get built right into experiences that people actually want. Instead of some boring lecture, you're learning by doing and overcoming challenges.

The bottom line is that we tend to learn best when we're engaged and fully absorbed in an experience - and that's exactly why Skyler Scarlett created GameClass to blend education with entertainment into one package.

But how did Skyler’s idea come about?

The Birth of an Idea

"During Covid, I was playing more video games than ever," Skyler recalls. "I noticed that every time my friends and I won, our communication was perfect. When we lost, our communication broke down. I thought, if our communication was recorded, it could be used to teach extremely effectively."

And it's true, that communication is a huge factor for successful learning. 

Whether it's in online gaming or life in general, effective communication is often the linchpin for success. GameClass also tackles the need to make learning engaging. From captivating moments that suck you in, the possibilities are endless, given that you can upload clips of any video game of your choice. From Crash Bandicoot to Pac-Man.

The platform quite literally works with every single video game in existence.

You’re probably thinking, “Where was this level of interactivity when I was in school?” This literally has the potential to change the game, no pun intended.

All that interactive, hands-on stuff prompts you to really think critically, strategise, and explore new ways to solve problems. Skyler's research also showed that while video games are incredibly engaging, most educational games are built from scratch. Skyler's vision was to use existing popular games that students already love to play.

This approach not only makes learning more engaging but also reduces the effort needed to get started.

Building the Platform

GameClass is designed for teachers, schools, homeschooling parents, tutors, online educators, and gamers. The platform uses a freemium model, allowing free access to teaching and learning, with optional paid features like extra storage and advanced tools.

Sharing educational content is made easy, with one-click options to post on popular platforms.

But building GameClass wasn't easy. Developing a custom, cloud-based editor that works on mobile, desktop, and all major web browsers involved a lot of trial and error. "Creating a video game education-specific editor with overlays that work on mobile and desktop and all major web browsers required a ton of trial and error plus daily testing," Skyler explains.

Skyler self-funded GameClass, drawing on experience from a previous successful startup in the wellness service space. "I learned from my mistakes of where I could save money on startup costs this time around," Skyler says, highlighting the resourcefulness and determination behind GameClass.

We’ve spoken to founders before who have been through the business world already. It's not unusual for them to be more frugal with expenses. They identify areas where they might have previously overpaid for services and find more cost-effective solutions. Instead of over hiring employees too soon, they opt for lean staffing with contractors.

They avoid splurging on fancy offices or equipment prematurely and prioritise initiatives based on projected costs versus potential revenue.

It's a smarter, more thoughtful approach that can actually set you up for success over the long haul.

Goals and Aspirations

In the short term, GameClass aims to get as many users as possible, focusing on teachers and educators. The long-term goal is to integrate GameClass into schools worldwide and partner with gaming studios to encourage learning through contests on the platform.

"We plan to do a lot of cold outreach to teachers to offer them the tool we’ve built. Our goal is to make sharing educational content as easy as one click," Skyler shares.

GameClass is more than just a platform—it's a fresh take on education. By turning popular video games into educational tools, GameClass is making learning fun and fostering essential skills like communication and teamwork.

As it continues to grow, GameClass is set to change the way we think about education and engagement in the digital age.

You can learn more about GameClass by visiting the website,

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