Buried in Work: Adam's Mission to Simplify Estate Planning

Buried in Work offers estate planning services, inspired by personal loss, targeting diverse users and overcoming end-of-life planning stigma

Adam's journey with Buried in Work began with a deeply personal loss. 

After witnessing his father's prolonged battle with leukaemia and the ensuing challenges of estate planning and transitioning responsibilities, Adam was inspired to create a venture that could alleviate these burdens for others. "Buried in Work was inspired by the personal loss of my father.

This experience highlighted the emotional and logistical challenges of estate planning," he shares. The venture aims to simplify these processes, offering resources and services to make estate planning and end-of-life tasks more manageable for individuals and families.

Targeting Diverse Users

Buried in Work caters to a wide range of users, from individuals proactively managing their estate planning to businesses seeking comprehensive solutions for their clients.

"Our target users range from those looking to handle their estate planning independently to businesses in need of B2B and B2B2C solutions," Adam explains. The company offers free resources for DIY estate planners and multiple estate preparation packages for those who prefer a more guided approach.

"We provide guides, games, directories, checklists, and 'in case of emergency' wallet cards," he adds.

To reach these diverse audiences, Buried in Work employs a multi-channel marketing strategy. "We use online advertising, engaging content on our website, partnerships with related organisations, and active participation in community and professional events," Adam says.

This approach allows the company to cater to the specific needs of its users, whether they prefer to handle estate planning independently or seek directed assistance.

Overcoming Challenges

One of the major challenges Adam has faced is breaking the stigma around discussing and preparing for end-of-life issues. "This stigma often leads to procrastination in estate planning," Adam notes. To address this, Buried in Work creates educational content that emphasises the importance and benefits of early planning.

"Engaging with communities through workshops and seminars has also been crucial in changing perceptions and encouraging proactive behaviours," he adds.

Initially, Buried in Work has been funded through bootstrapping. "This decision was influenced by a desire to maintain control over the company's strategic direction and develop our service offerings without external pressures," Adam explains.

By bootstrapping, the company can stay true to its founding mission and adapt flexibly to the needs of its users.

Future Goals

Adam has clear short-term and long-term goals for Buried in Work. "In the short term, we aim to expand our user base by enhancing our online presence and optimising our website for better user engagement," he says.

The company also plans to develop and launch new resources tailored to both DIY enthusiasts and those seeking directed assistance.

In the long term, Adam envisions Buried in Work becoming a recognised leader in the space of estate planning and end-of-life services. "We aim to establish partnerships with financial and healthcare institutions to integrate our resources into their customer offerings, expanding our reach in the B2B and B2B2C markets," he explains.

To achieve these goals, the company will continue to innovate its product offerings, strengthen its marketing strategies, and seek partnerships that align with its vision and values.

Adam's personal experience and dedication to simplifying estate planning have driven the success of Buried in Work. By offering comprehensive resources and services, the company aims to make the often daunting task of estate planning more accessible and manageable for everyone involved.

Find out more about Buried in Work with their estate preparation package or check out their thought-provoking card games.

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