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How to Outsmart Lead Gen Goblins and Embrace the Cold-Calling Quest

Mastering Customer Acquisition: Overcoming Lead Gen Challenges in the Startup Adventure



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I've had the opportunity to work closely with numerous startups, and one recurring problem that often arises is the struggle with prospecting for potential customers. While prospecting can yield valuable results, it's also time-consuming, and founders often find themselves torn between handling this crucial task and focusing on other aspects of their business.

It's completely normal to feel this way. As founders, we wear many hats, and our time is a precious resource. We want to dedicate our energies to product development, refining our offerings, and nurturing our vision. However, we can't underestimate the importance of prospecting and its role in gaining valuable customer feedback.

For early-stage startups, customer acquisition cost (CAC) might not be the primary concern. At this stage, the focus should be on acquiring customers and gathering feedback that will help shape and improve the product. If cold calling is the most effective way to reach potential customers, it's essential to carve out dedicated time each day for this task.

To boost productivity, there are tools like power dialers and parallel dialers that can make hundreds of dials per hour. Embracing such technologies can significantly improve the efficiency of your outreach efforts, allowing you to connect with a broader audience in less time.

Time to outsource?

Now, let's talk about the alluring option of outsourcing lead generation. While it might seem like a convenient solution, it's essential to exercise caution and do thorough research before engaging with any outsourced lead gen agency. Sadly, 95% of them fall short of expectations and end up being a waste of resources.

In my experience, most clients have not been satisfied with their experiences with outsourced lead gen agencies. The reasons behind this disappointing trend are multifold. First, anyone can set up a lead generation service, leading to a lack of quality control and expertise. Second, experienced and skilled Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) often prefer to work for SaaS companies, where they have the opportunity to progress to Account Executive (AE) roles and earn higher salaries.

Additionally, many outsourced lead gen companies depend on the practice of assigning one SDR to handle the workload of two or even three SDRs. This compromises the quality of outreach and ultimately affects the success of lead generation campaigns.

However, there are a few exceptional lead gen companies that stand out from the crowd. These companies, while expensive, have earned a reputation for delivering results for established businesses. For startups with proven outbound lead gen processes, partnering with a reputable agency might be a more viable option.

It's crucial to approach the selection of an outsourced lead gen partner with a discerning eye. Avoid companies that offer payment based on a per demo basis, as this can be a risky proposition for them and might not align with your best interests. Instead, opt for companies that offer packages with predictable monthly costs, reflecting their commitment to providing ongoing support.

Only you know your business

In my observation, the most successful startups have developed their own proven outbound lead gen processes. While outsourcing may seem like an appealing shortcut, investing time and effort in crafting an effective in-house lead generation strategy is likely to yield the best long-term results.

In conclusion, prospecting for customers is a necessary endeavor for startups. While it may be time-consuming, dedicating regular time to cold calling or employing productivity-enhancing tools can make a substantial difference. When considering outsourced lead gen, exercise caution and seek out reputable agencies with a track record of success.

Remember, customer acquisition cost should take a backseat to the early acquisition of customers and gathering invaluable feedback. Embrace the challenges of prospecting, focus on refining your product, and gradually develop a strong outbound lead gen process to set your startup on the path to success. The journey might be demanding, but the rewards of persistence and strategic planning are bound to be worthwhile.

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