Hiraya Branding: Paulina's Journey of Empowering Women in Business

Paulina's triumphs over challenges, founding Hiraya Branding, a movement empowering women in business with resilience, vision, and determination.

With a cup of tea in one hand, my granny used to say, "Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors."

It might not be the most unique quote, but it has stayed with me for years. Its universality lies in how it applies to everyone, highlighting how challenges play a vital role in our growth.

It's also the first thing that came to mind whenever Paulina submitted her story to We Are Founders. She's had plenty of rough seas, but as you're about to read, she's navigated choppy waters and made the most of her situation.

Joining Paulina on her journey with Hiraya Branding not only shows us how one entrepreneur navigates the business world, but also gives us a clear view of the "choppy seas" many women face in business.

In 2012, life threw unexpected challenges her way. These challenges became the driving force behind her strong commitment to empower women in the business world.

Encountering these difficulties fuelled her mission to create positive change and provide support for women striving to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Personal Challenges

"It was the personal challenges I faced — my unexpected pregnancy, the loss of my job, being unable to continue my university education, and coping with my father's illness and subsequent passing."

Navigating the path of entrepreneurship can be especially challenging when facing a series of personal difficulties.

"That truly shaped my perspective. These experiences taught me about resilience, the importance of self-reliance, and the power of a strong personal brand."

Unexpected life events can add extra responsibilities, potentially diverting time and energy from building a new business. These challenges collectively create a complex landscape where entrepreneurs must navigate not only financial and logistical hurdles but also emotional and personal setbacks.

Even with challenges, entrepreneurs must skilfully turn their personal struggles into strength, navigating their way through the world of business.

Paulina continued, "That truly shaped my perspective. These experiences taught me about resilience, the importance of self-reliance, and the power of a strong personal brand."

She personifies this mindset, emitting strength, determination, and empowerment – characteristics that distinguish women in business. She doesn't give up because of her circumstances; instead, she strives to do her best because of them.

As Maya Angelou eloquently expressed, "Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women."

Human Behaviour

"I've always been fascinated by human behaviour. These challenges became the catalyst for creating a platform to empower women in business," shared Paulina, unveiling the driving force behind her entrepreneurial journey.

Knowing how people behave helps business leaders be more empathetic. It reveals how people interact and allows them to understand different points of view, predict needs, and communicate better.

"It took five years of soul-searching to gather the courage and confidence to venture into business again."

This insight enables leaders to create inclusive environments, nurture strong team relationships, and make informed decisions that consider the human element - something becoming increasingly difficult in our digital world.

In essence, a deep understanding of human behaviour forms the bedrock of empathetic leadership, driving successful and people-centric business practices.

Paulina encountered further challenges. Her initial ventures, driven by passion, led her through the highs and lows of financial setbacks, eventually culminating in the biggest financial setback - bankruptcy. However, the resilience cultivated during a five-year hiatus became the cornerstone of her resurgence.

Time off mentally, and an ability to realign mission goals can work wonders. If something didn't work out the first time, you're in a better position to make sure it does the second time.

"It took five years of soul-searching to gather the courage and confidence to venture into business again," she revealed, a testament to the tenacity that would define her entrepreneurial spirit.

She continued, "During this time, I focused intensely on mindset work. I sought the guidance of coaches and mentors, delved into personal development books, and attended workshops. This phase was crucial in reshaping my understanding of what it means to be a business owner and leader."

A testament to an apparent setback being a temporary pause in the journey, not a permanent roadblock.

Hiraya Branding

In 2018, Hiraya Branding emerged – not merely a business, but a movement echoing empowerment and vision. Paulina's journey wasn't an effortless ascent. Financial constraints, psychological barriers, and the challenge of standing out in a saturated market posed formidable tests.

"I learned to embrace failures as stepping stones and view challenges as opportunities for growth," she reflected, embodying the transformative mindset that proved pivotal in her entrepreneurial journey.

"This time, I was armed not just with passion but with a robust mindset, a clear vision, and a solid business strategy."

Past failures can scare us into inaction, creating a formidable barrier to progress.

Memories of setbacks and mistakes can instil fear, preventing us from taking risks or pursuing new opportunities. However, it's crucial to view these experiences as valuable lessons rather than permanent roadblocks.

Dwelling on past failures shouldn't paralyse us but should guide us towards more informed and resilient actions. Overcoming the fear they bring allows us to move forward with greater wisdom.

"The journey to establishing Hiraya was far from easy. The fear of past failures lingered, and the challenge of rebuilding financial stability was daunting. I learned to embrace failures as stepping stones and to view challenges as opportunities for growth."

Today, Hiraya Branding goes beyond business success; it's a symbol of achievement with the right mindset and support. A testament to overcoming adversity, my journey, marked by triumphs and setbacks, vividly illustrates resilience.

"Was I being too idealistic? Was the market ready for such a specialised service?"

It's a story to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, to pursue their dreams despite obstacles.

Paulina has now adopted a strategic approach to scaling and expanding. "Currently, the focus is on laying a solid foundation for sustainable growth," she shared, grounded in a pragmatic perspective.

She continued, "Today, Hiraya Branding is more than a successful business; it's a symbol of what can be achieved with the right mindset, support, and perseverance."

Nevertheless, Paulina encountered scepticism mostly from within, "Was I being too idealistic? Was the market ready for such a specialised service?" These questions, rather than deterring her, fuelled her commitment to make a tangible impact.

A pivotal decision sculpted the destiny of Hiraya Branding – the exclusive focus on women entrepreneurs. "This choice transformed my brand into a niche, impactful force," she explained with conviction, underscoring the strategic depth in her decision-making.

Paulina's journey, detailed across these words, stands as an inspiring triumph. It showcases her strength, resilience, and vision. Beyond business, she's leading a movement empowering women entrepreneurs to envision and achieve their goals.

As for the future? Paulina is looking forward to expanding. "Looking ahead, building a skilled team aligned with Hiraya Branding’s vision is on the horizon. This will be crucial for scaling operations and expanding our reach."

Find out more about Hiraya Branding.

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