April 19, 2024

Social Impact Entrepreneur & Founder at your own start-up (Closed)

** This role is now closed **

With unicorn founders like Paul Müller as part of the founders and team, we help outstanding talents and serial entrepreneurs build and scale their ventures.Our three founders - Daniel, Alex, and Florian - are accomplished serial entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience.

EWOR's leadership team has built and exited 7 companies before, including a €1.2BN exit (Adjust), a €500 million exit (ProGlove), establishing the largest global entrepreneurship society for those under 26 (Sigma), and making more than 150 private angel investments.

We invest up to €150,000 to empower multiple founders, enabling them to draw a salary and prepare for substantial funding rounds during or after our Fellowship programme.

This investment is designed to support the initial stages of startup development, fostering growth and innovation.Highlighting our programme’s success, one of our fellows set a record for Europe’s largest pre-seed round by a first-time founder, securing a €12M pre-seed investment.

For those who prefer a more traditional employment structure, we are open to directly employing you via a wage alternatively.


  • You will build, and run your own start-up in fields such as Social Impact.
  • You will go through 20 courses ranging from team building to nocode prototyping, as well as preparing venture capital rounds.
  • You will embark on an extensive personal development journey crafted by unicorn founders and follow a rigorous programme enhancing your goal, time, and energy management.


You Want to Build A Start-Up

You will be the founder of a business. To succeed, you should show an entrepreneurial drive to build your business and fulfil your role as founder.

You can join us with or without an idea.We are looking for amazing entrepreneurs, not just their ideas. As part of this opportunity, you will develop the concept for your future start-up, if you do not have a clear idea yet.

You Want to Learn From Outstanding Founders

By joining EWOR, you will become part of a supportive community of exceptional peers. You will have the chance to work with unicorn founders, esteemed investors, industry experts, and global CEOs.

Commitment to a Formal Agreement with EWOR

As part of this unique opportunity, you will enter into a formal agreement with EWOR. This contract will outline our mutual commitments and expectations, such as time commitment and payment. The full contract can be found on our web page.


  • We take you on a 6-month journey that is designed for highly driven individuals who aspire to become successful founders.
  • We provide venture capital (up to €150,000) to enable you to draw a salary and prepare for a substantial funding round. For those who prefer a more traditional employment structure, we are open to directly employing you via a wage alternatively.
  • We provide a network to more than 20 unicorn founders, and high-quality entrepreneurship education designed by serial entrepreneurs.
  • This is a remote opportunity, no relocation required.

For anyone eager to rapidly build a successful company, we're the perfect place to start!

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