February 15, 2024

Founders Associate at VC Backed Startup (£30-45k)

About the job

Fancy having the UK’s top startups pitch their roles to you? Apply to Jumpstart.

Why Jumpstart?

Jumpstart is like Dragon’s Den but rather than startups pitching for investment, they pitch their roles to you!

No more confusing job descriptions, speak to the founders and teams of the UK’s top startups directly over Zoom to gain a real insight into the company & role.

You’ll get fast-tracked to interview at your favourite startups, we’ll provide you with lots of training to help you succeed, and if successful, you’ll join our 400+ community for ongoing training, mentorship, socials, networking and more!

So far, we’ve placed over 300 candidates in Founder’s Associate roles in some of the UK’s most exciting startups.

How does it work?

  • Apply to Jumpstart & join our Generalist Stream
  • Startup pitches: have ~30 impressive, socially impactful and well-compensated start-ups pitch their roles to you.
  • Fast-tracked to interview: Interview with the startups of your choice & land a role.
  • Ongoing mentorship & support: we’ll continue to support your career growth with networking events, mentorship, training and socials.

What is a startup Generalist/Founder Associate?

A generalist, or Founder Associate is the right hand of the founder. You will typically be working with them on high profile strategic projects, whether that be fundraising, product development, or even building and scaling the team.

Who are we looking for?

This role is perfect with someone with 0-2 years of experience in either a scale-up, corporate environment such as consulting or banking, or even straight out of uni with some internship experience. It’s a fantastic position for gaining early business exposure and accelerating your career.

Starting salaries range from £30-£45k.

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